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11-09-2012, 10:09 PM
I think when there a few places to hide and a few obstacles to use is when the map gets good. Less is more so to speak. I would really like it if there were a handful of possible strategic elements that were randomly placed each time the PvP map generated.

Something like:

First main element - background

Could be maybe ten different backdrops that look nice. Everything you see there is basically out of the field of combat, just window dressing that makes a base toset the map up in.

second main element - obstacles

These can be anything from disabled or destroyed craft, planetoids, asteroid fields. A certain number would be randomly placed on one half the map then mirrored to the other side. These would need to be put in spots where they were useful for strategy, discouraging everyone from just flying up and away from the map. (all this does is make it take forever to get back to the fight, which is good for the team with the upper hand but really bad for the underdog)

Other than the actual useable elements, the rest of the central portion of the map should be really clean.

On my dream map, being close to the center would present some sort of advantage so neither team would benefit from hanging back. Maybe put some sort of SMALL buff to whichever team has the most control of the middle. (the best map of all to me functionally that we have right now is capture and hold, where you have to stay in the meat of the map to win) It might be extremely hard to program my dream map. I don't know a lot about this game's code and how it works other than what I have used in the foundry, so I am not sure what the devs can do that the foundry can't.

Mostly, what I think all the maps need is to look nice without being cluttered unless the clutter actually is something that get's in the way and so can be used strategically. (you know you love it when you enemy, while trying to get you out from his blind spot, manages to fly face first into a planet) On the Solar Wind map you have a resource intensive graphic that serves no purpose. If we had to avoid those "needles" of Solar Wind or suffer some ill effect and they were in waves that could be avoided, THAT would justify the graphic.