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Originally Posted by rdm1958 View Post
i am a tac VA50 also. i am a big fan of oddys and really like both the tac and sci oddy. the sci oddy is one of my favorite and most reliable all around ships.

i also have the regent and the regent is a nice ship too. so you have a very tough choice.

i would recommend you take your time, research and wait to see what becomes available in season 7.

i posted a survey asking what people think are the top 5 and bottom 5 current ships. i'm hoping this will help me make some decisions.
Well, the more I look at my options, the more I feel like I really don't have any. It all comes down to bridge stations. The Regent looks nice, until you realize that the "universal" bridge station slot is really just a placeholder for a sci officer. After all, you can't really fly effectively without at least one sci officer on the bridge - for tractor beam support, at the very least.

The oddy looks a bit more flexible in this regard, but even then I'm losing critical Commander-level capabilities, like APO3. I guess escaping from movement-inhibiting debuffs isn't such a big deal in a "tank," but it still feels like I'm giving up way too much in return for more staying power.

If they would only put out a big ship with true Tac officer support - or at least a universal Commander-level slot so I can leverage/transfer all of my advanced tac skills.

In the end, I'll probably stick with my own ship category/class and grab the MVAM escort with the console. Any known downsides to this ship class? Advice on how to get the best out of one? Is the separation thingy actually useful or more of a gimmick (like the cloak on my Defiant - what a waste)?