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11-09-2012, 09:44 PM
Have to agree with most of the posts here. While New Romulus/Mol'Rihan and the new sector are great additions, the grinds are getting ridiculous. Now there are more things to grind for (and more on the way by most accounts) and less ways to get *some* of the things we need. The grinding is going to take MUCH longer and it will quickly become too monotonous and folks will start leaving more often. This B'Tran change is just the latest insult what with also having to deal with the higher dilithium costs for doff exchanges, the major changes/extensions to the STF grinds, the crazy dilithium costs associated with crafting and so on.

Once upon a time, I used to spend a fortune in the C-Store. I'm a completionist and wanted every ship/special console, every outfit, every bridge/variant. Now I rarely spend actual money and grind for dilithium to sell for points to get ships. The last ship I got was the Armitage. I've been saving my allotments towards getting ONE of the bundle packs but its taking forever. And now I'm not grinding for the ships because I'm grinding for the fleet stuff and will soon be grinding for the reputation stuff... I've yet to come close to getting my first fleet ship due to all the grinding for everything else.

While I can understand adding grinds in the attempt to extend the life of an account (keep the folks always grinding, strip the rewards down so they'll have to grind for far longer, keep the money coming in) this is going to backfire.

I'm actually okay with the additional grinds but the game should be adding MORE rewards and many MORE ways to gather resources instead of cutting them down. Cutting down these resources (and not adding more) will make the task seem insurmountable.

I have a lifetime account with over a dozen VAs and even before these new changes hitting holodeck all I do is grind now.

Seems forever since I actually just played the game. You know, for fun.

::shakes head:: Maybe its time for another break.