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11-09-2012, 10:49 PM
Seriously? Dilithium is being nerfed everywhere. It's already a pain in the arse to get. I rarely even get close to being able convert 8k a day now. So far with this season you're nerfing:
  1. STF- amount received is halved
  2. Removed from B'tran
  3. Made the Foundry mission now take forever
  4. Added dilithium costs to DOFF recruitment

When I would actually have more than a hour to play, I would run B'tran (1440), Defera (~2400) missions, the Foundry mission (1440) and Infected (1100). Combined with a little pulled in on DOFF missions and I'd get about 6-7k Dilithium. And that would take around 90min. And then my game time for the day is gone. No time to help the fleet earn Fleet Marks. Or anything else I might want to do.

Seriously, why are you nerfing Dilithium grinding for all of us who don't have hours and hours to play?
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