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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
People tell me that a Foundry mission grants the XP and the CXP, but it grants it at soo low a level, than I have never noticed myself leveling while playing a Foundry mission. I figured that even trying to do so would be incredibly masochistic.

But, getting the XP has never happened "at the end" of a mission, does it? It happens as someone pews.

But ECs? I'm not sure where that idea even comes from, which is really weird to me.
I don't remember the foundry ever granting ECs. Does anyone? Am I just delusional? Or, are we talking about a daily wrapper that grants ECs, or at one time granted ECs?

Zero, you are still our "Foundry producer," yes? Please forgive me if that is incorrect, but it is kind of baffling if our "Foundry producer" doesn't know what a player gets for playing a Foundry mission. That is very strange to me.

That is probably a really dumb thing for me to say, since I didn't know that we got diplomacy XP for playing non-combat diplomacy missions.

It must be me who is mistaken here. Someone please correct me. There must have been some time between redshirt and now when the Foundry gave out ECs for mission completion.

It's all so baffling to me that I just don't understand what is going on here.

ECs - Energy credits, yes?
I'm seconding this request. I've never gotten anything at the end of a foundry mission other than a pop=up asking me to review the mission and/or give the author a tip. No XP, CXP, or EC.