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Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
Let me post a properly reply. Cryptic you are very quick turning this casual game into an Asian Grind Fest. You are making the game more and more hostile to casual player. You know the ones that you've said in the past that you want to attract? You remember, you know, the players?
That "Casual Player" comment was made waaaay back before F2P hit.

Even though I don't really want to accept it...,

It's damn obvious even to me, that I'm NOT the kind of player They are currently wooing.

Again, even though I've spent close to $3200 dollars on this game since it's launch.

I'm not saying that the expenditure was a waste, I just feel like it isn't really appreciated.

I guess I have to also accept that being a "Person who has played this game for a very long time"... actually has no meaning anymore...

Kinda sad really... that long term devotion has become of marginal value in modern society.
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