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Originally Posted by flyingcatman View Post
I haven't really considered it until now, but maybe I should join the great Exodus to the similarly-themed science fiction game of the same genre that happens to be going F2P.

I want to support STO. It is a great game with great potential. If the reputation system doesn't give us some great ways to get Dilithium, though, then the ways to make money in-game are just being ruined.

Please, please don't go any further.

Just counting on the Dilithium exchange projects in the Omega reputation to give us plenty of Dilithium, maybe this was just a change made for balance, and we are over-reacting and not knowing much.
Unfortunately..., TOR's F2P..., is even costlier then STO's...

The Western on-line gaming industry has seen the light of the Eastern(Chinese) one and apparently feels that western players are just as gullible and have simple enough minds to dump gobs of money into the same type of games.

Maybe I'm outta touch, but I certainly won't be as foolish from now on.
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