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11-09-2012, 11:26 PM
To be honest this ship is certainly not overpowered. This ship is essentially a fleet recon science vessel with one turn rate point fewer, weaker hull, and a lower shield modifier. It's advantage is that can equip dual heavy cannons and has a hangar bay. Sure, it has console bonuses, but doing so sacrifices almost one third of your open slots.

This ship still won't be able to keep 17+ turn rate escorts in their line of fire, not with a turn rate of 12. The ship will never have the capability to exceed an escort's DPS, even with sensor scan. And for the players claiming that sensor scan gives a flat +33% bonus to all damage, they need to rethink those claims. In order to fully stack to +33%, a player needs to keep a target lock on the enemy for at least a minute. Anyone who calls themselves a PvPer knows that breaking a science vessel's sensor scan ability is incredibly easy. Every time I have a prolonged fight with an escort in PvP, they will use evasives or APO in order to get 10.1Km just to reset the sensor scan stack. Or the escort will just use subspace jump, which automatically breaks any target locks. When I fly an escort, I do the exact same thing when fighting a science vessel shield tanking.

Also, if the vesta uses all dual heavy cannons, it becomes effectively impossible for the ship to use innate subsystem targeting, removing a very potent science vessel ability. The ship will have potential, I will give it that. However, it will have to rely on well placed science abilities and skill, or the pilot will be out-tanked by cruisers or melted by 5 tac console escorts. Even if a pilot goes with the 4 tac slots, it will mean they only have 2 eng slots. Combined with a mere 29K hull, they will melt under sustained fire. In fact, a well placed beam overload III could oneshot a two console armored vesta if buffed right.