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11-10-2012, 12:28 AM
People abuse technology all too easily, you're right on that front. Work in a GameStop and take a look at the way people treat their games then pity the fool that whines about low resale trade-in values. You pay for convenience or do the selling/trading yourself. GameStop is almost the equivalent of the MMO standby who takes any grey junk and almost always gives you at least something for it.

I have an AMD quad-core that was about half the price of a comparable intel processor. Since our computer-buyer may be wanting the most bang for his buck, might wanna look into getting the best deal before focusing on specific brands.

I also build my entire rig for under $1k, power supply, peripherals, and monitor included.

-Grab at least a dual-core CPU, doesn't matter whether it is AMD or Intel. Despite common superstition, AMD CPUs are not of poor-quality like some previous models may have been. Or maybe I got lucky with mine, but w/e.

-Grab at least 4 GB of RAM, preferably from Kingston, Corsair, etc. Good RAM does make a difference and you don't want cheap RAM that craps out on you and causes random computer issues to waste your time while in the middle of gaming.

-Research your power supplies and get a good name-brand one. Many people neglect this and pay dearly for it. Your power supply is connected to EVERYTHING so it HAS to be one of the best quality components in your system! The quality of power regulation DOES make a difference in how long the rest of your expensive components last!

-ASUS motherboard. Nothing else compares. Fantastic and handy BIOS.

Or just ignore all of us and make an account on a dedicated forum (like the [H]ardForums) and follow their rules to post a request. They have people who go out of their way to search for deals and you'll be much better off for it. They'll help you get compatible components that play nicely with each other, many of their forum veterans make their living doing system-building in r/l. Just be sure to follow the rules they have before posting!