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11-10-2012, 12:06 AM
Fleet Def-R... torp spread 1-2 (for unshielded targets) CSV2, APB3, APO1, CRF1 - 3 attack pattern doffs, 2 hazard system doffs...

Spec into Particle Gens to 6, projectiles to 9, carry a TBR2 (before the current buggy TBR2), Isometric charge.

1 projectile damage console, 1 quantum torp in front, 1 tricobalt mine in back (no disp pattern)

3 badass borg DHC's in front- disruptor/AP, 2 turrets in back

4 energy damage consoles, borg, tachyokinectic converter, field gen, monotanium alloy

EPTS1-2, HE1/TSS1, TBR2, 2x TT1 - won't tank the crit plasmas very well, keep BFI for that.

8500K DPS over the full length of the STF... but... pfft that. You have to be able to lay the damage right, so, debuff, penetrate shield facing, actually DESTROY the targets, that's what good spike damage is for. All that beam FAW all that bull that put up huge numbers in ACT isn't worth a hill of turds if you don't make the kills and clear out threats. 5 loaded FAW3 tac oddy's on full beam broadside blah blah blah won't get it done. Gotta spike, spike hard, spike often. Don't be dropping trikes or torps on shielded targets. Duh. Believe it or not, past about 8000-9000 DPS (achievable) it's too much AOE and is misleading. If you smash your targets quickly, your DPS will lower as you're using it more efficiently. You can do 14K DPS and not win a thing, because all you're doing is laying down fire into shielded opponents. The hull is what matters. Pop the target, get back on another target asap. Raw DPS to a high level is a good start, but you've gotta be able to pilot right, time buffs and debuffs right, and you can roll and STF despite "only" doing 6-7K DPS. Can ya hear me now?

And for god's sake, stop subnuking Nanite Gens/Transformers- they don't throw any buffs... Nuke the gates and tac cubes dadgum FAW and THY.. lord..