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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
I think this thread has pretty much run it's course.
Has it? My impression is that there are still very different understandings of the problem at hand, not all of which everybody seems to have had a chance to understand yet.

-Yes, the PVP forums do get heated, yes warnings and infractions are certainly required. But it can't be forgotten that no community is like the PVP community, it's more heated.
Pardon, but that sounds more like a lame excuse for bad manners than anything else. Discussions can be just as heated, or even more so, in other subforums - look at Klingon Gameplay, or the threads about the smaller Dilithium rewards. Yet, over there, fewer insults, if any.

-Yes, the PVP forums would be a friendlier place if even one individual wasn't here anymore. An individual that causes more infractions either from himself or in reply to him then any other, that causes more bad feeling in and out of the game then any other.
It seems they have all been either banned or reminded of the forum rules thoroughly enough. Which is probably the reason why the tone has improved, as Brandon has pointed out.

-The general feeling and energy of the PVP forums is never more positive, never stronger then when Developers are around.
I would really, really like to hear Borticus' opinion about that statement. Because from reading the threads he was involved in, I got the feeling that his perception was not exactly one of "positive feeling and energy". That is just my opinion, though.

-Yes, we could use some exclusive Moderators, they're not here to be a shoulder for us to cry on, they're not here to turn a blind eye when people get annoyed, but they are here to see the forums from a more specific viewpoint and understand where people are coming from.
But keep in mind that they will still have to enforce the forum rules.

Of course, all of this will be for nothing if things like the current Vesta spec goes live, it'll be a large nail in the PVP coffin that can't easily be undone. Think about that.
If you replace "Vesta" with "Armitage" in that sentence, you might find a few old forum threads. In fact, that kind of statement seems to be more of a welcoming hail to new ship classes in STO. Such hyperbole is also something that is not quite right with PvP subform culture, in my opinion, although it is of course not against any rules (and should not be).
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