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(After 11/9/12 patch) - Tribble Bug#: 30245 - The Space Boff Display is screwed up

The in Space Boff Display is screwed up (and I DON'T have a default Shuttle Selected). After the new Tribble patch I logged in to find I have the extra Boffs that appear if you selected a default shuttle in the previous Tribble EVEN THOUGH I NEVER SELECTED A DEFAULT SHUTTLE. This is a MAJOR bug, and if S7 goes Live with this, it would be enough to make me completely stop playing STO until it's fixed (Assuming you ever get around to doing so asthis is the 3rd S7 Tribble patch). I can't believe you guys are less then a week from S7 launch and STILL have MAJOR unfixed bugs like this in the version that will probably go Live Tuesday.
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