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11-10-2012, 01:49 AM
One ship I'd really like to try is the Fleet Patrol Escort - basically my current ship...only better.

Unfortunately, when I go to the shipyard it says I don't have the required 4 fleet ship modules.

Question:Is this something that needs to be accomplished by our fleet first as part of the starbase building process? When I visit our starbase page (Tactical Assault Command), I see a ship provisioning task underway, but it's still incomplete.

And what about the button at the bottom of the shipyard page that offers to let you buy a shipyard module (for 500 zen!)? Will that work? Can I pony up 2K zen and just buy the necessary fleet modules so I can get a Fleet Patrol Escort or similar?

Frankly, these fleet versions seems like more of what I'm looking for in a ship. Is there a way to buy one without waiting for your fleet to complete some task?

Advice/guidance appreciated!