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11-10-2012, 01:05 AM
These constant dilithium nerfs are really getting me down. i think s7 is a great season but its really being spoiled by this wide scale nerfing.

i wouldn't mind if all the new content had lots of dilithium attached but it doesn't. you can spend days on new romulus and not pick up a single piece of dilithium. the stf's have been nerfed making into the hive less attractive. there are no salvage drops as far as i know now so you cant trade them in like before. the reward project for the elite stf rewards was like 9 pieces for 1000 dilithium, which is less than what one salvage would have gotten you.

embassy's on top of starbases now take up more, the reputation system still uses some, doff finding is more expensive and now b'tran is gone?

if the starbase system had forced the dilithium price up, then at least i could buy a ton of dilithium for a good price, but its forced it down making that transaction more painful.

this is a time based currency and its only available in a relatively decreasing number of ways as more content is added yet the respective number of ways are not increasing proportionality and the old ways are being nerfed.

i dont normally say this, but this is just greed. i get you want people to spend money, of course you do, but find new ways to do it, dont hamstring the old ways.

very disappointed.

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