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11-10-2012, 02:18 AM
Short term:
  • Kill Mudd - either make it so he pops up only when visited, or kill his exit banner entirely.
  • Generic confirm - Modal dialogs requiring a click or an Enter key should be migrated to the Key Bind "acknowledge" key (default F)

Mid Term
  • No movies - I'd like to see an option to turn off the movies as you enter and exit systems
  • Omega - the whole system with proto this and salvage that to get a "token" to buy a thing just doesn't work. I hear rumors that this is cleared up in S7. If so, ignore.
  • Purchase goods - Adding a bartender to our Starbase was the biggest hassle we could imagine. And the Chef looks even worse. Requiring insane quantities of items that only come as rare drops is terrifically annoying. Dosi Rotgut and Romulan Ale shoud be available of purchase,... SOMEWHERE. Dosi at Quarks and Ale at S39 would be fine. But grinding the Romulan temple and chasing Tulaberries is not acceptable. This should apply to ALL items required for the starbase (like Taspar eggs and Heart of Targ, etc)

Long Term
  • Normalization - I'd like to see every starbase have the same entrance system (short/no trip, one dialog), I'd like your ship to point in the direction of travel as you cross sectors, Some clear way to get pretty much everything in the game (Lobi store?), etc
  • Planets - Places to go. People to meet, Stuff not involved with a mission. Perhaps special Doff missions. Build a world of trading and stuff to do that's not about the mainline missions.
  • Map Expansion - More sectors, more planets, just generic places to explore.