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First you have to have 4 fleet modules ($20) and 20,000 fleet credits. Then you have to be in a fleet who's shipyard is of the appropriate tier, has ship provisions available, and are of a fleet rank that has permission to use those provisions. If you have all of those, then you can go to a shipyard on the starbase or ESD and acquire a fleet ship. Note, this only unlocks it for that character, not account-wide like c-store purchases do.
Well, I pulled the trigger on the Fleet Patrol Escort. So far, very happy. Nice bump up in shield capacity and hull strength, plus the extra eng console slot allows me to install an extra Neutronium device to boost my all around resists. So now it looks like:

4x Polaron DHC (Mk12 Borg)
3x Polaron Turrent (Mk12 Borg)
Full MACO Mk 12 set
Eng: RCS Mk.11 (spin, baby!), 3x Neutronium Mk.11
Sci: 2x Field Gen Mk. 11
Tac: 4x Polaron Phase Mod Mk 11

Again, very happy with my choice - I thought I wanted a cruiser, but I guess I'm just a tac/escort guy at heart.

And note: I paid for it all with dil conversion to zen, so at the end of the day it's all just funny money to me.