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11-10-2012, 04:45 AM
The European partner (sponsorpay) doesn't pay up voluntarily too often and lots of times they don't pay out the promised sum. After talking to a representative of the local consumer assistance office (Verbraucherschutz in Germany) they mentioned that it would be very common for those kind of companies to hold back payments, since they were counting on people not going through the trouble to complain.

Document the surveys you take. Note when you took it (date & time) and the name of the survey.Take screenshots of the promised sum of Zens, the final page of the survey (the one thanking you for your contribution) and also of your brower history, listing the urls of every page of the survey. If they don't pay up.: file a complaint with sponsorpay/peanut labs and include those screenshots.

I file them every time they don't pay up or don't reward the right sum and so far they eventually paid up.