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The final optional in Hive Onslaught got me thinking.

The game requires us to keep at least 1 player alive at all times.

I would like to see this added to the other STFs as well.

Keep 3 players alive to beat another optional.

And team wipes should fail the mission in Infected, Cure and Khitomer.

Maybe that would help with upping the stakes a bit and some people flying less carelessly with their ships.

Also once the respawn timer has reached it's max, disable it for the rest of the mission. One more death and you are done for until the boss is defeated.

And yes, I know, one shot crits are a problem, but a good player doesn't die at all if he pays attention outside of really bad luck with cooldowns, but 5 times in a row is just lazy.

The most dangerous attack you can suffer is the isometric charge from the neghvars, but personally I found my strategy to deal with that.

I attack the neghvars only from the rear. hit them with plasma, tractor or other movement inhibitors and you won't even see it fired.
Near a cube I always am on the lookout for heavy plasmas and that keeps me alive as well.
The rest of the regular damage can be tanked quite well.