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11-10-2012, 07:24 AM
I'm ready for my "OP'd ship" I honestly don't think it will do more damage then an escort however Im going all heals and tac on mine to make it survive better but still dish out some damage....
Im going
Tac Team 1 x2
Cannon spread x2
Em Power to shields x2
Rsp x1
polarize hull 1, tss 2, hazard emit 3, grav well 3
I can only afford one so im getting the tact ship version
4 mk xii plasma cannon boosters
1 nutronium 1 kientic only resist (forgot the name)
Borg Crit Console, two romulan science with bonus plasma damage, 1 console for gravity well
3 dhc plasma crit x2
Omega engines and deflector for bonus acc plus tet glider ... Omega shield all mk xii

BAM! Well see how that does PVE
Oh and if i can get more lobi eventually replace one romulan console with the new consule from the future thats bonus turnrate and crit