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# 1 Red Squadron Alpha
11-10-2012, 07:32 AM

Hi welocme to Red Squad

There are so many fleets to choice from they spam from everywhere. red squadron alpha do not persue recruitment via chat its not nice.

But we are a very small fleet will be honest cause thats how i play, we have 10 members we have a fleet starbase tier 1. not very high really but we don;t beilive in rushing to donate every resource to such practice give the embassy and personal reputation coming in season 7 we have made that choice cause so many thins that need donating.

So we don't ask people to donate to the starbase its the members choice to do so, but we have completed all special projects to make the starbase warm and welcome.

We are a fleet for multi purpose, you don't have to be active everyday, you don't have to donate anything its upto you. You can join us to play chat have fun. we can help each other in many ways other than raiding each others pockets.

so if you want a relexed fleet with no comitments or ties then joins us. All we ask that you talk in chat we you can. other than that you play your way do your way.

Message here if you want to know more about red squad.

good hunting peeps