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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
yes because those create a dilithium inflation on the market and I cant buy more dilithium for less zen for my fleet which needs lots of dilithium and now by removing their dilithium the price will go up and Ill get s*** dilithium for the same money.Thank you for talking without thinking.
Thank you for talking without thinking? Haaaaaa haaaa haaaa haaa haaa wow you are really witty tell me are you the captain of your elementary school debate team? Because that was such a burn ouchies

Also you're analysis of the market makes no sense. I'm not attacking you here I'm just confused by your argument. If dilithium prizes rise...they you'll get MORE dilithium when you sell zen. If there is less dilithium on the market...its a good thing for you..if I'm getting your statement of turning in zen for dilithium right. So those that grind it suffer...those that just buy it win.

Plus they are reducing overall costs to the starbase projects. Although that said they are adding the reputation system and embassy so I guess that savings is a wash.

Also - let me be very clear. I prefer the current way. The Starbase shouldn't be 'pay to win' if you will...were those with deep pockets can just steam roll the fleet advancement up to tier 5.

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