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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Compared with any other ship in its class the Vesta is overpowered, by the Dev's own admission. If you believe it is not, then I would honestly suggest you take a listen to the podcast by the developer who designed it. You really need to just listen to the first 2 minutes to be convinced.

The set is fluff. Take the fluff away, and put a proper build in its place, and this ship outclasses most ships both in and out of it's class.
What did they say regarding it being OP?
Devs would like a concise list of things that are broken and not working currently, so here's a short list for PvP: Neutronic Torpedoes, Ionic Turbulence, Surgical Strikes (including Faeht firing through cloak), PartGen stacking and CrtH being boosted to absurd levels.