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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I think it's great this change is being made, but why even keep the "Investigate Officer Reports" daily at all? Why not make it so individual Foundry missions give the EXP and rewards regardless of the daily?

There are some major problems with the daily:
  • Why do you need to play three missions to get rewards, rather than one? Most Cryptic missions are not longer than 30 minutes and they give you rewards. On average, I don't think most Foundry missions are less than 30 minutes, so why are we being so heavily penalized?
  • Why should players not be able to get experience and rewards for playing more than 3 Foundry missions per day? Why is there this artificial limit gating rewards for Foundry missions. If someone wants to play 10 or more Foundry missions in a day, why not let them get rewarded for it?
  • The daily still favors shorter missions over longer ones. Clicky vs legitimate mission is just one aspect of that disparity, not the only one. We really need exp and rewards to reflect the length of the mission as per NWN.

This is a step in the right direction, but it's only a small step. I hope it's just the first of many improvements to the reward structure for Foundry missions.

The other thing is, giving up the ability to edit is a pretty big price, in my opinion. It means that if you play through and notice a problem, even something as minor as a typo, you can't fix it. Especially with Foundry improvements coming along, I'd be very hesitant to give up the ability to improve mission in the future.
I agree, which is why I suggested the change of the daily to only use one mission.

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