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11-10-2012, 09:36 AM
Hope this is in the right place... all this Internet stuff is still quite new to me.
Another New Ship is always a great idea... but I was wondering... there is already a problem with some folks whom have invested alot into their ships being unjustifiably indignant and/ or insulting to weaker/newer players... so... my question is this... do STO developers have any plans to add another level into the STF equation..?
To explain further... there are now enough ships with differant levels of capabilities that it can be frustrating for some to lose the optional because a couple of weaker ships are in the ESTFs, so... why not bring in an,'Advanced' level and catagorize ships..? this would accomodate that problem as well as providing a new area of advancement.
In saying this... could not the same sort of system be incorporated into the PvP aspects of STO..? This would eliminate the problem of players with advanced and well equipped ships from camping in the Arenas, Kerrat, etc and picking on weaker ships (yes, I know this is extremely dishonorable behavior but it happens alot)
If this idea were pursued, it would only really work if STO incorporates some sort of block so that those with,'Elite' or,'Advanced' ships and weapons could not use these in a lower level scenario.