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I am away for the weekend and can't check for myself but I had a question regarding the fleet doffs that you can buy from the starbase contact (white quality initially and then as you get more tiers, better qualities unlock)

On holodeck these cost fleetmarks (less for whites and unspecified, and more as the quality increases or you specify a career). There was rumour that this was going to increase to Fleet Marks + Dilithium in S7, and I would like confirmation that this is or is not the case.

If it is going to ask for dilithium I have a large problem with this as this was originally implemented to help smaller fleets that are donating to starbases and were struggling with doff input costs. Members of such fleets are fleet credit rich, so this was a good way of being able to use this to obtain doffs for the missions that were harder to come by.

By adding a dilithium cost to this it becomes something that members of smaller fleets can't use. I understand that this was going to be introduced since people were abusing the system and either mashing the doffs up or down quality using the grinder, or selling them on the exchange.

Rather that adding a dilithium increase to stop this manipulation of the market SURELY is is easier to bind these doffs when they are picked up, and make them ineligible for the grinders and only eligible for use on doff missions, rosters or starbase missions.

The solution of adding a dilithium cost seems like sorting out a minor mouse problem in your house by nuking the town that you are living in. ie overkill!