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# 1 Slow Defence Force?
11-10-2012, 10:18 AM
Started a KDF toon yesterday (there isn't much besides grinding left to do with my FED toon at the moment, but I figured I'd wait for Season 7 changes before I got into that). Anyway, started a KDF toon... yesterday, or Thursday (I forget when, but was recently). I've been doing the missions today, least all of those that aren't featured episodes (I'm told they're coming around again between the christmas holidays, so might as well do them then, with the bonuses).

Regardless, whether its Nebula Defence, or the actual Campaign, the load times are getting seriously slow. Is this just something I've noticed, or is it other people too? I've not had a problem with my FED character, wondering whether FED and KDF players are using the same servers or whatever.