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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
Im trying to figure out the effect on all this dilithium gathering nerfs in terms of exchanging zen points.. (economics was never my strong suit)

Less dilithium around = zen value decreased?

Or is it increased?

at the moment its like 157dil:1Zen, less dilithium about means people are going to exchange their zen for less dilithium, to snap up silly fleet items and to feed fleet/reputation/embassy rubbish?

So when people buy zen, they get 'less' when there is less dilithum about? So people have to buy more ZEN with REAL money, to get more dilithium?

Please! I need a mathematician! or someone with half a brain! >.<
You are correct, it works to their benefit on both ends. But the route they are taking is the one that benefits them more and the playerbase less. Putting the strangulation on dilithium sources will mean that it will take more zen to buy the same amount of dilithium now. Basically, in the process they are artificially manipulating the market to "de-value" Zen. But this has reached a critical point with the few friends I have left. The few that still have subs will be leaving. With SWTOR going F2P this week, the development decisions are the poorest I have ever seen. I would predict a massive dropout in our population post S7 launch.

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