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I hope that is trolling or you are working for cryptic.
In the world people not troll 24/7 if you remove something from the market that something will get more and more expensive .Dilithium is needed for fleet projects and as we all (except you ) seen the price for dilithium went up (from 1 zen per 300 dilithium to 1 zen for 159 dilithium atm).remove the dilithium or lower the rewards but keep the need the price will go up.If you want to get 10 dilithium per zen is your problem.

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You are correct, it works to their benefit on both ends. But the route they are taking is the one that benefits them more and the playerbase less. Putting the strangulation on dilithium sources will mean that it will take more zen to buy the same amount of dilithium now. Basically, in the process they are artificially manipulating the market to "de-value" Zen. But this has reached a critical point with the few friends I have left. The few that still have subs will be leaving. With SWTOR going F2P this week, the development decisions are the poorest I have ever seen. I would predict a massive dropout in our population post S7 launch.

They try to kill small fleets and to make things "better" those small fleets which already invested alot of money now will have to give up .No person or troll would pay more for less dilithium.
Im pretty sure they are trying to make the exchange rate similar to the one in Champions online where most of the time is at @100 (sometimes 70) but since they dont add content they want to fix the rate with current missions which no one plays or by removing dilithium from old missions which were played by few and now we will be sure those few will stop too

they can be sure Ill continue to log in just to chat.Ill turn the game into a 3D chat

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