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11-10-2012, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Compared with any other ship in its class the Vesta is overpowered, by the Dev's own admission. If you believe it is not, then I would honestly suggest you take a listen to the podcast by the developer who designed it. You really need to just listen to the first 2 minutes to be convinced.

The set is fluff. Take the fluff away, and put a proper build in its place, and this ship outclasses most ships both in and out of it's class.
Do you have a link to the podcast by any chance?

Now the vesta will be strong ship, no doubt. If it is really better than the orb or the wells/korath depends what you want with it I suppose. The orb still has 2 lt cmdr which makes for a nice healer for example and the wells/korath has a very good console in addition to more turn, hp and shield.

As for the danubes, let's hope they manage to nerf them enough. Personally I never really had any lag problems because of spam. So I don't care if I fight a 5v5 carrier battle. The only problem is the tr.

The vesta will be strongest weapon based sci ship. But not everyone uses a sci ship just to shoot stuff. If you want to tbr the enemy healer away form the group, if you tbr an escort away from a friend, if you are just healing, if you want chroniton torps and torp spread for debuffs etc...

Lets just wait how the new concept turns out. There will be plenty of time to cry and call for nerfs once we actually tested this ship and have seen it in action. While I do intend to try out the vesta it won't stop me from playing my klinks.

Personally I would remove one console or the hangar. I can't see why the put 10 consoles and a hangar on it.

Also I am happy to see that they still release good ships in the zen store and not only in lockboxes.