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The player does not Trust the foundry mission to be something that they will enjoy. It might be a very deep and involved story, it could have alot of pew pew, it could take a long time, it could be very short. It could be bug free, and it might not be. When a player queues up for something even if they never played it before they have a general idea of what they are in for. In addition the majority of cryptic missions follow a simple formula beyond the FE missions. Speaking of those have you ever noticed that some players absolutely loved Of Bajor while others despised it? That is the issue.

Cryptic does not Trust the playerbase not to try and exploit the foundry rewards. While it would be great if an hour long foundry mission had greater rewards than you could get in the PvE queue if cryptic allows that to happen they fear the players would simply exploit them and ignore other aspects of the game. This is why the rewards have always been relatively low when compared to other activities aside from the now removed console clickies that is.

So enough of the negative how do we fix that problem?

For the first issue we need to give more information to the potential player so they can make better choices on the missions they choose. A simple star rating of the various categories would be a great start such as 'Space combat, Ground combat, Story, etc'. These can be set by the author but modified by player voting on the mission to show where the focus lies. In addition more categories in the search, like 'Diplomatic, Tactical, and Science' to cover story, combat, and puzzle respectively would be a big help. Finally an average play time set by the author but modified by player voting would be another great thing. People tend to trust something more when they have more information about it.

For the second I think it would be a good idea to have some form of 'foundry exclusive' reward along with a reasonable amount of general currencies to encourage participation. These should for the most part be things that would not compete with current things in game else most will simply try to grind them out. Instead things like costume unlocks, non combat pets, a player customized boff, and things of that nature would appeal a great deal to players I think without drawing in those who just want to grind out STFs/Dilithium and would only be interested in exploiting the system.