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Originally Posted by valundario View Post
Jury is still out on the BoP's. because unless theyve fixed the flightpath... having the extra cannons and torps is useless if they are never firing.
They're a little wild and predictable compared to the fighters, because yes they fly in big swooping circles and they take their own sweet time when it comes to choosing when to fire. But when they do fire...! Their projectile weapon damage is boosted significantly. Single quantum torps hit for 10-11K each, and when they choose to use their torpedo salvo that's about 27K damage.


+ Extremely fast and agile, their response to target changes and the delay between attacks is low
- Die like flies, damage output is okay but unremarkable

Birds of Prey:
+ Higher spike damage, higher total damage, survives a few hits
- Clumsy fliers, response time to your commands and delay between attacks can be unpredictable.