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11-10-2012, 10:45 AM
Season 8: Full KDF Content

-10 KDF exclusive missions

C-store Orion, Gorn and Nausican bridge packs

C-Store Negh'Var with Heavy Disruptor console/weapon and LTC and Ensign tac slots

C-Store Gorn heavy cruiser, orion escort(a ship, not a callgirl. Although... ) Nausican escort carrier to be rolled out throughout the season.

2 New level 50 STF's/FA's vs anything other than the borg or tholians

Season 9: Full PVP revamp

Full balancing pass for all ships, weapons and equipment(ground and space)

Equipment that has been removed from the game is either replaced with an item of the player's choice or is made available through crafting.

PVP is reworked as a persistant on-going territorial conflict which players can affect the expansion of borders, conquering of worlds and space based assets with a reward system that tracks your participation and efficiency/effectiveness(your percentage of completed goals, kill/death ratio, etc) similar to the reputation system.


Season 10+11: Full Romulan Faction + finish balancing off the factions re: ships and content with an eye towards a future of cross-faction content only for both pvp and pve

Too tired to go into this. Briefly, make it more intrigue/espionage/covert-based content rather than simply "go here, shoot this" missions. Scimitar IS NOT made a player owned ship, for the simple fact it should remain an over the top overpowered NPC only asset.
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