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Originally Posted by hamjamiam View Post
The Vault Event. it is very frustrating and quickly kills it's own fun factor.

First off the "event" where your payout is Reman Data Logs, the event only runs for one hour at very peculiar times of the day. This is TOTALLY messed up. Reading the STO wiki, one must acquire 96 Reman data logs to both build, and fully upgrade the Reman shields, deflector, and engine to very rare mk XII. THAT is TOTAL BULLS**T!!!

Yesterday I just happened to be online at exactly the right time to take part in The Vault event. During the course of one hour, I was able to play four (SERIOUSLY IMBALANCED) rounds and only acquired ONE DATA LOG. And the time before that when I was able to take part was over a week ago!!!. In there I spent the entire 1 hour playing 5 rounds and didn't win even 1 data log. The payout is NOT even close to being worth ones time.

Also, the timers, the enemy, the ships, EVERYTHING about The Vault is SO unbalanced AGAINST the players.

Here's what I suggest: fix the play balancing by either extending the timers, having FEWER enemies spawn, and/or NERF the enemy shields AND hulls.

Second, allow Reman Data Logs to be rewarded to EVERY player on EVERY Vault mission played; just like Encrypted Data Chips on STF missions; NOT in just the "events". In turn, also reward other random goodies like you do in STF missions.

Third suggestion: if you're going to keep an doing an EVENT, make it SUPER rewarding to play, allowing payouts to be something OTHER THAN Reman Data Logs, like Fleet Marks and/or dilithium or something new and ingenius

Look it, not everyone wants a Reman engine/deflector/shield set. But for those of us who do, you've made it close to impossible and never to attain the grand prize of the very rare mk xii set. You have made this whole adventure NOT fun. PLEASE fix it!!!
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