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11-10-2012, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by macarthur1961 View Post
my question is this... do STO developers have any plans to add another level into the STF equation..?
Probably should have had its own thread, but whatever. This kind of thing has been suggested a number of times before, a greater number of difficulties, gear requirements, the whole thing. Not allowing better gear into easier instances is I think new, but mainly because this has only really been discussed for PvE before, where I would argue against such maximums (it's nice to be able to help a fleetmate bang out their first few STFs), and not for PvP where they do make a lot of sense. And of course there have been the suggestions to make Mk XII STF gear purchasable with EDC, and thus make ESTFs optional. Unfortunately, Cryptic has opted to create a new Reputation system (which everyone hates) instead of going for any of these options. Sadly, this seems to be pretty standard practice for them.