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Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
Nice job totally ignoring my whole argument there.
a whole paragraph went toward showing why your argument failed. 2 mines and an aft beam for the subsytem targeting don't require 1 of the 4 subsytems.

Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
In other words, "I'm a PvPer, therefore everything else is irrelevant." In case you haven't noticed, that is not even remotely the way the game progression is set up. This is pure wishful thinking on your part, and quite frankly I'm glad of it. PvP in any game just isn't forgiving enough for new players, besides it's really never been something I've been interested in, there's enough rage without actually killing other players yourself.

You're literally saying here that you admit that the status quo doesn't work properly for the majority of the content in the game, but because it would require your niche to adapt its expectations a little you think a fix shouldn't be put in the game. Wow, just wow.
Originally Posted by ravin View Post
I had to read that three times, and do two double takes. I think you're the only person that has ever said that about STO in the history of the game.
this is what pve'er denial looks like, lashing out at someone telling them the truth. this is a pvp game, because the sci ship in the form its in exists at all. and because the 3 ship types balance each other so well when they face off with each other. it would not be this way if the game was set up purely for pve in mind from the start. this is not my fault, i didn't make the game this way, i didn't cause pve to only really need dps, i don't want 1 of the 3 types of ships to be far less useful at pve, and i didn't cause pve to be played so much more then pvp in a game designed from the ground up to be balanced for pvp. this is just the way it is, don't blame me.

Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
The Vesta won't even have that much more spike damage than a regular sci ship without sacrificing half of its sci capability. Tac slots are very important for damage, especially spike damage, and the only way the Vesta gets an unusual number of those is by using the LtC slot and having just 5 sci abilities. Given how heal heavy most PvP sci builds seem to be, that's almost all of your offensive abilities. Or you just get all your spike from mines with the DHCs for long term DPS, and come out with a basically standard sci build with a bit more damage that relies on only as many power levels as the other two types.
wrong. spike damage is not high up time damage, just CRF1 is enough to make 3 DHC deadly when they need to be. this isnt escort replacing damage, but when a sci ship is around and sets up a target for an escort to take out, this sci ship will have 3 extra DHCs to bring to the table to help bring down the sci debuffed target. proboly at least bringing an extra 33% more damage into the equation, thats an insane thing to introduce in a game with margins this tight.

it does away with the sci ships disadvantage, that its not a damage dealer at all, but a control and debuff wizard. thats what a sci ship does, and that makes it pointless in most pve. sorry, thats just a fact. this sci ship will be a pleasure to use in pve though im sure. but its just another case of a ship getting released into a pvp system with 0 disadvantages and 3 huge mold breaking advantages. pvp balance depends on ships having disadvantages to go along with advantages, this stupid vesta invalidates all other options, and can perform its role without compromise, wile performing the role of an escort to at least 3/4 of its level.
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