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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
NEVER regret rolling what you rolled. Screw that "roll a tac or uninstall" bs. Any career choice works fine in this game.

I still love my Engineer but the last few seasons up to the current state of STO has left me feeling a bit outdated and overall, useless as a Tac and Sci can tank and heal just as well with similar ship and build but they also bring other things to the table.

The Engineer doesn't really have any innate abilities that supports the team, besides Engineering Fleet. Nadeon Inversion doesn't counter the abundance of power drain, buff stripping and interrupts rampant in the game. There was time when MW could be used on Friendly Players and it provided a near 100% Hull Heal. Then it got changed to self-heal only that replenished about 40/40% Hull and Shields, Except shield stripping is so damn easy now, I'd rather stack resists and be able to put out a full Hull heal then delay my death by 2 seconds.

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