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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
That is not the point.

The point is KDF is running around with Battlecloaks and saying "MINE!" when KDF was not the originator of the cloaking device, if we have a Romulan faction it means Romulan ships will have cloak.

I am pointing out KDF "exclusive" content is not even theirs, neither fighters or cloaking devices originated in the KDF so the whole claim about "taking away from the KDF originality" is absurd, Fighters were first shown in DS9 as used by the Federation and later in a movie by the Romulans but yet we have the KDF talking about how they losing carriers was "taking away from the KDF" and if as much I agree the Federation should not have cloaking devices, at least widespread usage it still does not change the KDF cannot go about how they are losing their originality when the moment we get a Romulan Faction they will by default gain access to Cloak.
It really doesn't matter as you will never use the cloak oh I do on my BoP retro but going by the movies it was just prototype.It was never seen afters not even in Gen. Mortak's BoP or he could of beaten the Jem adar easy.those fighter are just small shuttles.

You will never use the cloak as I never do it is just a was of time.It was never in Starfleet Command 1 and 2 only the Roms had it incase drones(missles) were fired at them and they have less tractors or phasers to take them out so they cloak.The klingon have what is called an add anti drone defence abroad thier ships so do feds.
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