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Anybody know what Cryptic's official stance is on modding the in-game music, since it only affects me? I'd like to be able to get some info on the subject if possible, but so far I've only found info on games that use similar formats and haven't gotten anything to work. Maybe someone could PM me if they have info, to keep it off the forum and not cause trouble. My only purpose for this is to put real Trek music into my copy and my copy only. Yes, I'm aware of the music player built in. Not the same. Thanks!

By the way, if the powers-that-be feel this post is out of line, please delete it and forget I brought it up and it won't happen again. Hey, you never know if you don't ask.

Edit: I figured out what I was doing wrong, but I still wonder if there's an official stance from Cryptic on us replacing the music files, just out of curiousity

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