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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
This is what PvE'er denial looks like, lashing out at someone telling them the truth. This is a PvP game, because the sci ship in the form its in exists at all, and because the 3 ship types balance each other so well when they face off with each other. It would not be this way if the game was set up purely for PvE in mind from the start. This is not my fault.

I didn't make the game this way. I didn't cause PvE to only really need DPS. I don't want 1 of the 3 types of ships to be far less useful at PvE. I didn't cause PvE to be played so much more then PvP in a game designed from the ground up to be balanced for PvP. This is just the way it is, don't blame me.

Had to fix that quote a bit to make it a tad bit more readable.

Not in denial at all, and I'm a PvP'er in most MMO's I play. I wasn't lashing out either, just making an observation. Your exact quote was "STO is a PvP game." 95% of the PvP'ers will tell you that STO has no meaningful PvP at all, therefore it is not a PvP game. Your argument would have validity if the PvP was at the forefront of the game's development, unfortunately it was not. The balance exists because of STO's PvE endgame, which also works well for what PvP there is.
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