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Originally Posted by endafresh View Post
It was funny to post this but a bit of creativity wouldn't hurt. Try again?
Negativity can go in another thread. I'll let one of the forum vets do the honors
YOU SHALL COMPLY or I shall feed you to my cannibal tribbles! =D

OT, but your Stewie pic disturbed me so much that I had to make a custom filter to block it. >_>
It wasn't a joke..

The fact that this is a Star Trek Game, is pretty much the only reason I decided to start playing in the first place and the reason I have stayed with it since it went live.

If it had been any other game I wouldn't have.

I've tried WoW, EvE and TOR... didn't stick with any of them for more then a few months.
(Eve was less than a week)

The only other game I play at this time is MineCraft and that's only because like Star Trek, I grew up with Leggos & the game is a lot of fun in that regard.

BTW: I'm an Old Troll Forum Vet and I grind up cannibal bones just for the fun of it.
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I Really Do Miss the little TOP Button at the bottom of the threads.

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