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Don't know if its already been said (also was planing to make a thread like this one) but if you have Bug at max speed with its 0.22 speed mod then a 20 turn rate would only be a 18 turn rate in comparision. Three possible flaws with this statement: if the games turn rate is calculated with speed in mind (which I doubt) or if people find a easy way to increase the impulse in much smaller amounts (I think with keybinds or something it's easily done) and the last is it isn't going to change turn rate when reversing to turn around quickly.

That leaves practally the same shield mod, more crew for Fleet Patrol (prob balanced with bugs higher hull), with the nerf to the beyond 125 weapons power cap then a ensign sci is going to be much better than eng (tractor beam rules) and I personally don't like the emergency power to shields 1x2 and RSP. The less amount of console slots in each catergory (e.g. science, eng, tac) means less deminishing returns meaning patrol escorts console slots are at least equal to bugs + field gen is pretty much a higher % of resist than tac consoles % to increase damage (depending on shield cap, KHG Shield is coming to FED).

Lastly the turn rate which is in the bugs favor but with all the other issues with the bug in comparison... Also depends on team setting, e.g. with a premade dedicated science ships can tractor etc, turn rate is more important in 1v1 than team settings same with shield cap.

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