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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
I just played this on tribble and I got:

1 shield battery
1 engine battery
1 XI standard shield.

How does the special reward drop? I didn't see it. Does it matter that I sped through the mission, since I've played it twice before? I was just trying to see how special gear worked. No special gear at the end.

Edit: It told me that I couldn't do it as a daily.
If you picked up the mission from the journal under the Spotlight tab, it automatically gave you the Spotlight daily (not to be confused with Investigate Author Reports) -- check your in-progress tab and turn in the Spotlight daily mission to collect your special drop. More details here:

As for the red text, there is a bug on Tribble that mistakenly displays UGC missions as not giving credit to the daily. If a spotlight mission is eligible for the daily, it should count towards the 3 missions for Investigate Officer Reports.


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