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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
If you picked up the mission from the journal under the Spotlight tab, it automatically gave you the Spotlight daily (not to be confused with Investigate Author Reports) -- check your in-progress tab and turn in the Spotlight daily mission to collect your special drop. More details here:

As for the red text, there is a bug on Tribble that mistakenly displays UGC missions as not giving credit to the daily. If a spotlight mission is eligible for the daily, it should count towards the 3 missions for Investigate Officer Reports.


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Thanks, it would help if the more info told me to do that. There is so much diversity surrounding how to pick up missions and get rewards that it's not intuitive. I didn't know whether I'd see a drop, an auto-hail with rewards or what. Having a mission auto-appear in my log is now a 4th or 5th different way compared to other missions.