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Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
Thank you again people!!

I 've read through all your comments and watched some YouTube videos to see the Ody in action.

Well I have to say that I will wait for a sale on ships before I spend money, IF I ever spend money, on the Ody.

By the way, I know it does not belong to this thread, but what about the Patrol Escort?
I mean I don't see a lot of ships flying around, nor I hear people talk about that.

It seems to be a fast nasyt ship. Reminds me of the Defiant.

So what's it's problem?
If we're talking about the freebie patrol escort, then there is nothing wrong with that ship. But most escort pilots fly c-store escorts, mostly tac escort retrofits since those ships are very powerful. Lots of forward firepower. But the freebie patrol escort is exactly that. A 9 console freebie ship. Still quite good, but not the best there is.

If we're talkin about the Fleet Patrol Escort, then I can say it's almost the perfect full cannon/turret ship. Best possible BOff setup for exactly that, and has great hull and shields. Also good turn rate, and has 10 consoles, with the perfect setup for combat/tanking. The only real weakness is it's science is a little lacking, but that's easily made up for by turning it's uni ensign, yes UNI into a sci, which gives you 3 science powers.

Tbh, the FPE has no real weaknesses outside the fact that it's an escort, so it's hull is not as good as a cruiser, and it's shields are weaker than a sci. But with it's damage output, that really is a null point.

Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
I still love my Engineer but the last few seasons up to the current state of STO has left me feeling a bit outdated and overall, useless as a Tac and Sci can tank and heal just as well with similar ship and build but they also bring other things to the table.

The Engineer doesn't really have any innate abilities that supports the team, besides Engineering Fleet. Nadeon Inversion doesn't counter the abundance of power drain, buff stripping and interrupts rampant in the game. There was time when MW could be used on Friendly Players and it provided a near 100% Hull Heal. Then it got changed to self-heal only that replenished about 40/40% Hull and Shields, Except shield stripping is so damn easy now, I'd rather stack resists and be able to put out a full Hull heal then delay my death by 2 seconds.
I hear you. I rolled an engi because I wanted to be that same unkillable tank I always am when I play League of Legends. Then suddenly I find out that I need to spec in threat control to get NPCs to shoot at me. Ok, kinda annoying, but doable. Then I have the horror of discovering I can't force players to fire on me. Also annoying.

Then I find out that guess what, Damage is all that's needed, and tanks aren't. And then I suddenly find that my class is almost useless. Ain't life wonderful?

However I then discovered ground combat. And all of a sudden my Engi isn't nearly so useless. And then I discovered the Odyssey, and my engi is even less useless. My oddy can heal up a storm, and still do acceptable damage. Not great, but at least I get above 3500 DPS. Don't believe me? Ask Flekh, he parsed it for me. And that was being semi casual. If I really wanted to, I could pull over 4k DPS. I learned what to use, how to use it, and am now effective on my Engi Oddy.

As for my Tac Tor'Kaht? I think I just explained it with the last 3 words in that sentence. XP
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