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I did some tests last night because I was incredibly annoyed at the fact that engi consoles don't work as well as any others when it comes to their job (stopping damage). I also confirmed a suspicion that putting all neutronium is exactly the same as putting varied consoles. So whoever started that rumor that putting varied consoles for the resistances is better than putting straight out of one console or straight out neutronium needs to uninstall.

Anyways, back on response topic. I put on 4 mk XI blue neutroniums (cheap, easy to get, and still decent), which gives an effective bonus of +70 to all resistances. After checking the numbers on my resistances (not nearly as high as I thought it would be, which explains why I had to modify my playstyle a little XD), I then put on 2 mk XII white diburniums (+70) and checked, confirmed my resistances were the same as the 4 mk XI blue neutroniums, and then added 1 mk III diburnium white console. That equated to a total of +80 resistance, which is what you get from 4 mk XII purple neutroniums. And guess what I found? Only a miniscule 2.4% increase in defense. I then ran the test with +75 resistance (the equivalent of 4 mk XII blue neutroniums), and was just as disappointed to find that I only got a 1.6% bonus in defense over the 4 mk XI blues.

So I now can safely say. Any mk XII purple engi consoles aren't worth their cost. ESPECIALLY neutroniums. Why pay 120 mil ecs for a 2.4% increase in defense over just paying 1.1 mil ecs?

I also did some tests with tactical consoles and science consoles. And guess what? The ones that aren't directly skill related (aka a lot of sci consoles) are all linear progressions in effectiveness. You don't lose out ANY of the listed values, whereas the engi consoles are all logarithmic in progression, which means... Good at lower values, but the curve levels out quicky as you get to higher values and you quickly lose out on actual bonus to resistance.

For the record, this was done in system space outside of DS9, about 25k away from the docking ring. It should also be noted that my energy damage reduction skill is maxed out, should that affect results.
A post I put up in another thread, but I think this is relevant for the simple reason that Cruisers are heavy in engi consoles.

So this diminishing returns in their primary consoles in comparison to the seeming lack thereof of the same weakness in other console types is another thing I should be noted about Cruisers.

And even though this is a killed statement, this is perhaps one of the reasons that cruisers are a little underpowered. I mean, their primary method of absorbing damage, other than that huge amount of hull they have, is their engi consoles.

And if those consoles are suffering from diminishing returns, when other consoles aren't, it stands to reason that maybe they aren't quite equal to the other classes which main consoles that do NOT suffer from those same weaknesses.
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