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Well then I shall stay out of it... I've had my fair share of forum wars for a while... I recall I lost them all.

*Beams to his ship and transwarps away*
Gee. Thanks. For abandoning me. =P

Anyways, it should be noted that the Galaxy in this game is garbage. Plain and simple. There is no reason for it to be as engi heavy as it is. In all honesty, a ship only needs a single Commander Engineer. Anything more is overkill. You can tank all day long with minimal effort off of just 4 engi abilities. I would know. I do it every STF I take my oddy into. Granted I also use 3 sci abilities, but I don't need what, 8 engineer abilities (which I believe the Galaxy-R is burdened with) to live. If you're using more than 5 and still can't live, you're probably doing something wrong.

As for the discrepancy between the Neggy and Galaxy turn rates? It's a simple explanation that I don't understand why people don't seem to get. The Galaxy was not designed for combat. It was designed to be able to defend itself, yes. It was designed to survive, yes. But the Neg'vhar was designed for combat. And NOTHING else. And it's common knowledge that Klingon Battlecruisers have always had a better turn rate than Federation Cruisers. Tbh, they are designed for battle. They would naturally be better at moving around. How is that so hard to understand?

This thread really has gone on too long -.-
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