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A post I put up in another thread, but I think this is relevant for the simple reason that Cruisers are heavy in engi consoles.

So this diminishing returns in their primary consoles in comparison to the seeming lack thereof of the same weakness in other console types is another thing I should be noted about Cruisers.

And even though this is a killed statement, this is perhaps one of the reasons that cruisers are a little underpowered. I mean, their primary method of absorbing damage, other than that huge amount of hull they have, is their engi consoles.

And if those consoles are suffering from diminishing returns, when other consoles aren't, it stands to reason that maybe they aren't quite equal to the other classes which main consoles that do NOT suffer from those same weaknesses.
Not entirely true remember this?

For those of you who don't want to read it this thread details how Tac consoles lie (also known as diminishing returns)