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So since I can't post my own topic, figured I'd attach it to this one.

My computer is shutting down as well when I load STO. I'm fully patched with STO and all of my drivers and such. IT IS NOT A TEMPERATURE ISSUE. If anyone suggests it is temperature I'll slap them silly. My computer does it whether it is just on, been on for awhile, whatever. My computer runs anything else fine, including LOTRO, TOR, and it even ran STO just fine for ages pre F2P but I decided I wanted to come back for F2P and reinstalled from Steam and the only hardware change from then till now is a GPU upgrade.

I'm about ready to just give it up as it's just driving me nuts that I'm having this kind of issue.

Again, my machine IS NOT overheating, just trust me on this. I'm completely updated on all drivers, OS, the game, etc. Again, right after I hit engage on the launcher, I'll see the cryptic full screen loading thingy and the bar going across, then system shuts off.

I have 2 monitors and I don't know if that has any affect on it but if I have to disconnect it or something like that to play now, then I'm done with STO for good. (and yes, I tried with just one plugged in, and no difference)

Thanks for any and all help. And if this is able to be split into a new thread, I'd appreciate it thanks!

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