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" If a starship turned without banking, the inertia would be less evenly distributed, with some parts of the ship experiencing more structural stress than others. " In this statement, are you suggesting that some parts of the ship are moving at different speeds than others in a turn? Honestly, not flaming, just curious.
Yes, he is saying exactly that. Think about it like a circle for a second. Now say you had a rod that had one end on the center of the circle, and the other end on the outer edge of the circle. Now move the rod 30 degrees to the right on the center axis. The part of the rod closer to the center don't have as far to move as the part on the outer edge of the circle. So in order for both parts to travel the same distance over the same time period, the outer part needs to move faster than the inner part.

Same thing applies to ships turning. Parts of them are farther from the turn axis than other parts. The parts closest to the turn axis don't have as far to travel when turning as the parts farther from the turning axis. But both of those parts of the ship need to travel that same distance in that same period of time, so naturally, the parts farther from the turn axis will be moving faster.

Confused, or did this clarify it for you?
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