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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
I've been thinking things through a bit, about a build for a Armitage. One which I wish to make a photon torpedo build. As we all know torpedos are at their best when they hit hull and aren't effective against shields.

Now I was wondering if there are many people out there who use/used them? I realize their torpedos are trash compared to the Runabouts. The tractor beam is awesome for STF defense and for pvp.

What I am curious about is the Tachyon Beam II's they have. If they decently affective at stripping shields? The faster I can strip my targets shields and better I can keep them down the more damage I will do with my torpedos and console.

So my question is are the Tachyon Beam II's they have any good? Ignoring all other offensive characteristics of the shuttles and ignoring comparisons to other fighters and shuttles...are they good for the job I have in mind for them?
Personally, I think the Deltas are better served on the Atrox or the upcoming Vesta, if the Vesta allows for them. The Armitage is an Escort and the best advantage you have is the ability to lock down an opponent so you can concentrate forward firepower on a select area. If you can do that, Shield stripping is non-issue, plus the Deltas are more easily killable than the Danubes.

Even with a torp build, you're better off holding a ship and stripping one side with your weapons and then unloading your photons.

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